Prudence Serving Wisdom.

Conversing. Educating. Leading. Together we struggle to learn daily how to live our lives more nobly and beautifully. Are you ready for this journey?

You have a calling, and we will help you live it well:

  • Stay in conversation with each other
  • Learn the wisdom and truths handed on to us
  • Help others lead the conversation and education

Your Calling


Every journey begins with identifying a problem, listening to solutions and seeking others who share a common vision. Our flagship journal Ethika Politika operates in the space of "us speaking with them." Are you ready to listen?


Building culture requires knowing the truth and understanding how its often distorted. The Whole Story sheds light on otherwise murky narratives about life’s most central questions.


We need leaders united in fellowship with one another. The Via Sapientiae Fellowhsip brings tomorrow’s thinkers together with today’s teachers.